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Why us?
If you have an innovative business idea and dream of your own company but do not know where to start, you should apply. The CONNECT platform will help you take future in your own hands. The originators who apply to the CONNECT startup platform are guaranteed participation in the three-day zero congress ‚kick off session’, as well as six two-day meetings on the topics such as idea development using Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas, business management, HR management, team building, leadership, UX, project quotation, preparation for meetings with investors, crowdfunding, branding, marketing, sales, foreign markets, legal aspects of running a business, finances, accounting and negotiations. Participants of our acceleration programme will also be able to take part in team-building workshops, pitching workshops, one to one mentoring sessions and regular individual meetings with startup patrons. Originators will also be offered support in the process of setting up a company as well as handling formal issues related to the regulations of the project and the incubation contract. The programme participants can also take advantage of two original forms of support - ‚The Boss’ and ‚The VC Path’, which are offered thanks to a partnership with the representatives of large companies and Venture Capital funds.
The range of basic services
In order to provide startups with comprehensive support, project teams can count on office space (including IT infrastructure and the necessary equipment), as well as the opportunity to participate in workshops on public speaking and preparation of presentations for pitching sessions. The young entrepreneurs will also be offered invaluable support in the form of accounting and legal services, tax consulting as well as basic marketing support in the development of business identification. The authors of the best projects will also have the opportunity to be granted financial support for the participation in international startup events.
The range of specialised services
Our offer includes the basic range of services and a complementary package of specialised services available to all startups. The scope of support is tailored individually in accordance with the needs of each incubated business. The specialised services include technical, technological, engineering & IT support. They also includes training on management and entrepreneurship that will facilitate efficient product development, beginning with the assessment of market potential and development of a business model. As part of the acceleration programme, we also conduct an analysis of customer needs and devise an appropriate marketing strategy. Young entrepreneurs will also receive support in terms of design - we help in design work, visual branding, creating names and trademarks.
Additional benefits
In addition to professional support, we have prepared original programmes named ‚The Boss’ and ‚The VC Path’, which we realise thanks to a partnership with the representatives of large companies and venture capital funds. Our offer also includes the ‚Business Benefit’ card, a valuable addition to our support package. ‚The Boss’ programme allows the trainee to do job shadowing, which is an extremely effective model of cooperation involving spending two weeks as ‚a shadow’ of the president / director of a corporation or of another person in a managerial position. We want the scope of responsibility to correspond with the startup profile. Gained business experience, established relationships, and the possibility of testing services among customers of a large company are a distinctive feature of the acceleration programme we offer. The special VC path involves additional support for selected projects from a consortium of investment funds (the startup platform partners). This will allow startups to gain extensive contacts and financial expertise necessary to develop a business model, obtain professional and legal knowledge from investors, as well as create opportunities to present the startup to potential business partners. The ‚Business Benefit’ card is one of the instruments which Lublin uses to promote startups, to build a system of preferences and create an environment conducive to setting up and running your own business. The ‚Business Benefit’ card can be obtained by a startup operating in the city which:
  • is (or have been in the last 12 months) the tenant of one of the incubators / business accelerators,
  • is a member of the science club or a member of one of the initiatives bringing together people interested in doing business in the field of modern technologies.
The ‚Business Benefit’ card entitles the users to take advantage of permanent, temporary, holiday or occasional reductions and exemptions offered by the partners participating in the programme.
Although CONNECT is an ecosystem developed in Lubelskie province, we also cooperate with partners from Podkarpackie, Wielkopolskie, Śląskie and Mazowieckie provinces and leading business support centres across the country. Our goal is to create a comprehensive and most effective tool for the development of innovative entrepreneurship in Eastern Poland. The startups formed as part of the CONNECT platform will receive support of:
  • Lublin Technology and Science Park - the operator of a technology incubator, the seed-like venture capital investment fund, an active entity in the field of promoting entrepreneurship, commercialisation of knowledge, cooperation between scientific institutions and business, training and business consulting,
  • 7 business incubators,
  • 3 venture capital funds,
  • 3 local governments: the Municipality of Lublin, the Municipality of Zamość, the Government of Lubelskie province,
  • a micro-loan fund for business start-ups,
  • 7 universities, including all major public universities in Lubelskie province, Lublin University of Technology, University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Medical University of Lublin, UMCS, KUL,
  • 14 other business institutions from the whole Lubelskie province and the north-western part of Podkarpackie province.
The following institutions, functioning as the startup platform brand ambassadors, will also contribute to the functioning of the ecosystem: Lublin GameDev Foundation, LbnSocial - waking up the potential of Lublin, Mazovia ICT Cluster, MoM - Substantially about marketing, Aula Poland, Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Foundation, Polish Cluster of Research and Development of the Internet of Things and Lublin Institute of Design. CONNECT platform will play an important role in the territorial marketing in the macro-region, attracting and retaining young entrepreneurs in Eastern Poland.

Dla pomysłodawców:
Sylwia Biedacha
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tel. 506 977 960

Dla mediów:
Urszula Hasiec
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tel. 881 316 100
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