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Why us?
‚Hub of Talents’, a startup platform for new ideas - how proud it sounds, right? Actually, there is something to boast about! Białystok Science and Technology Park (BPN-T) - the leader of the project, along with five technoparks in Podlaskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie provinces is honoured to introduce a modern project addressed to young innovators, whose ideas will change the world for the better. Let everyone hear the great news - we are looking for masters of creativity, the innovation elite, who will shake the 21st century up!

We can help you spread your wings so that you can fly high.

Do not tuck your projects away in a drawer, show them to the world! We are waiting for people like you. Over 50 entities have been involved in the development of the ‚Hub of Talents’ startup platform and the implementation of the incubation programme. They include local government entities, universities, capital funds, local economic institutions, clusters, business institutions and large enterprises that will provide substantial support to the originators. These entities will designate their most experienced experts, who will help prepare a market-revised, profitable and scalable business model for a product or a service that has been qualified to participate in the programme. Then they will help expand it to conquer the world! After the incubation programme lasting a maximum of 10 months, the entrepreneur will be equipped with a professional business model, which in combination with the innovative product or service, will create the opportunity to apply for a non-refundable grant to enter the market and cover the initial phase of running the start-up.

You pick the place

Thanks to the cooperation of BPN-T, Olsztyn Science and Technology Park, Elbląg Technology Park, Ełk Science and Technology Park, Łomża Industrial Park Ltd. and Suwałki Polska-Wschód Science and Technology Park, young innovators can choose the most appropriate place where they will be able to develop their own projects under the guidance of experts and mentors. Each of the six cities involved will host a cycle of incubation and in addition, participants will be able to make use of a number of facilities prepared for them by local authorities. This can be illustrated with an example of the initiative of Suwałki, where originators’ children will be given priority in recruitment to nurseries.
The range of basic services
Basic services include:
  • providing a space suitable for the incubated startup to run the business in order to enable the development of the idea,
  • workshops on public speaking, team building, lean canvas, customer development, promotion tools
  • mentoring services,
  • accounting services,
  • legal services,
  • tax consultancy,
  • services related to the protection of industrial property rights,
  • basic marketing support related to the development of business identification,
  • participation in international startup events,
  • guidance of the startup supervisor.
All basic services are free of charge.
The range of specialised services
The scope of specialised services will be tailored to the needs of a startup, taking into account the idea which is being developed and the preparation of the business model. The areas of the services may include:
  • technical, technological, engineering, IT and design support (development, modification and maintenance of cost-effective practical solutions to problems with the use of scientific and technical knowledge)
  • support in managing and running the business in order to enable the development of the idea (market assessment of the product, development of the business model)
  • support in customer needs analyses (market research, finding and evaluating market opportunities that lead to meeting the needs of specific customers (buyers) as well as the accurate determination of the needs, development of a product and a strategy for its distribution, development of an appropriate strategy for pricing and promotion, advertising and information about the product)
  • support in terms of graphic design, creation of names and trademarks, including visual identification of the brand, creation of identification systems and sales support.
All specialised services are free of charge.
Other benefits
As part of the Hub of Talents startup platform, young entrepreneurs will be able to participate in international events such as fairs, exhibitions and trade missions, which will provide them with an opportunity to learn about market trends. The Hub of Talents startup platform will enable originators to work on their startup in specially dedicated spaces, in each of the six cooperating parks. Below are described just a few selected areas where startups may be established:

Białystok Science and Technology Park:
Centroom Coworking Space - an urban cowork located exactly in the centre of Bialystok. It provides optimal conditions for modern work by creating a local hub of innovation and cooperation. Its aim is to support new businesses and young people who want to start their own business as well as the so-called freelancers working in the professions, by offering them a place to do their job in the most convenient location. Centroom is a unique place where you can work on your startup, take part in interesting workshops and training sessions enhancing the competence of young entrepreneurs as well as meet and share knowledge with interesting people from other industries or potential clients. Go to www.centroom.pl for more information. Transferownia - a creatively arranged and imaginative space where students and academic workers realise projects commissioned by companies. The use of innovative technologies is conducive to the development of new solutions, which can later be commercialised. Transferownia provides suitable tools and a place for work. The cooperation benefits both sides - students and the scientific community get the opportunity to deal with real business problems, whereas companies get access to a platform of open innovation.

Suwałki Polska Wschód Science and Technology Park Ltd.
The park will soon open a large coworking space for potential startups, where they will be able to work on their own projects and ideas. The office space will be available from 8 to 16 at no charge, in which time you will be able to work and make new business contacts. The facilities will include a broadband internet access, an overhead projector and a flipchart, a kitchenette and a place to work.

Ełk Science and Technology Park - the space available to originators:
As part of the project, the Science and Technology Park in Ełk will open its doors to originators and provide office spaces furnished with desks, chairs, bookcases, cabinets, VOIP phones and desktop computers. Office users will have access to the full sanitary facilities (also adapted for disabled persons) and staff facilities equipped with a fridge, a microwave, a kettle and a coffee maker. A conference and training room, equipped with multimedia equipment and sound system necessary for various meetings (speakers, wireless microphones, desktop microphones, conference microphones with the possibility of recording audio, a set for simultaneous interpreting in 3 languages, projectors, interactive whiteboards, a laptop) will also be made available to the project participants. Those who will feel the need for networking will have the opportunity to do so by using a shared workspace - a coworking area. As far as possible, startups will also be given access to the colour laboratory and the chemical and microbiological laboratory, which contain specialised equipment for colour control and equipment for chemical and microbiological research.
As leaders we have ensured that the Hub of Talents platform provides the highest quality service in terms of training, mentoring, business, technology and consulting, as part of the acceleration programme. This comprehensive programme comprises the entire startup ecosystem by creating a network of connections between young entrepreneurs, local authorities, experienced entrepreneurs, universities and business institutions. A number of external experts are also involved - specialists in the field of technology, business institutions, VC funds, seeds, business angels and investors as well as individuals with experience gained while working for startups that have successfully introduced their product into market. What does it mean? You will learn from the best! Such solid support will enable every innovator to develop from an inexperienced originator to a pioneer aware of the market opportunities, who will operate worldwide! What else? Originators will be granted access to office space where they will effectively develop their business ideas under the guidance of mentors.
Białystok Science and Technology Park:
Milena Kulesza - project coordinator
Marzena Jakoniuk - project settlement specialist
Kamil Kalinowski - purchasing specialist
Paweł Kramarz - public assistance specialist

Olsztyn Science and Technology Park:
Magdalena Ben-Rynkiewicz - local coordinator
Agnieszka Kawka - recruitment & startup support provision specialist

Elbląg Science and Technology Park:
Agnieszka Owsianko - local coordinator
Dorota Stępkowska - project settlement specialist
Iwona Łuczak - purchasing specialist

Ełk Science and Technology Park:
Ewa Wasilewska - local coordinator
Jakub Czesław Knyżewski - recruitment & startup support provision specialist
Agnieszka Łuczyńska - project settlement specialist
Paweł Artur Harasim - purchasing specialist

Suwałki Polska-Wschód Science and Technology Park:
Mariusz Szmidt - local coordinator
Marcin Gnoza - recruitment & startup support provision specialist
Aneta Puchłowska - project settlement specialist

Łomża Industrial Park LTD:
Irena Wiska - local coordinator
Aldona Chojnowska - project settlement specialist
Adam Szymański - purchasing specialist

Białostocki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny
ul. Żurawia 71
15-540 Białystok
tel./fax: 85 733 39 55
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Olsztyński Park Naukowo-Technologiczny
ul. W. Trylińskiego 2
10-683 Olsztyn
tel. 89 612 05 00
fax: 89 612 05 12
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elbląski Park Technologiczny
ul. S. Sulimy 1
82-300 Elbląg
tel. 55 239 34 67
fax: 55 237 47 61
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Park Naukowo-Technologiczny w Ełku ul. Podmiejska 5
19-300 Ełk
tel. 87 732 63 01
fax 87 732 63 20
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Polska-Wschód w Suwałkach ul. Innowacyjna 1
16-400 Suwałki
tel. 87 564 22 00
fax: 87 564 22 21
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Park Przemysłowy Łomża Sp. z o.o. ul. Gen. W. Sikorskiego 166
18-400 Łomża
tel. 86 219 93 20
fax: 86 218 37 33
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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