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Why us?
The TechnoparkBiznesHub platform combines the strength and experience of innovation centres, local government departments, universities, large enterprises and business institutions of Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie provinces. Thanks to a wide range of activities, we are able to create the best conditions for young people to transform their ideas into startups and to stimulate cooperation between the world of science and the world of business. Each partner specialises in a particular industry, allowing us to provide reliable and professional services to startups. The leader of the startup platform is Kielce Technology Park. Its partners, who provide incubation services for startups together with the Kielce park, include the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency PLC, Centrum - Podkarpacki Science and Technology Park Aeropolis and the Technology Incubator Ltd from Stalowa Wola. Another partner to the project is Academic Business Incubators, which will be responsible for the promotion of the project.
The range of basic services
The TechnoparkBiznesHub startup platform offers excellent conditions for the development of a business idea. We help by providing organisational support, workspace, specialised services, mentoring and coaching. The basic services package offered to originators include: providing a space suitable for the incubated startup to run their business, organisation of workshops on public speaking and preparation of presentations for pitching sessions, mentoring services, accounting services, legal services, tax consulting, basic marketing support regarding the creation of elements of business identification. Cooperation with mentors is a very important element of the platform. Their mission is to inspire, advise and share theoretical and practical experience of running and developing a business. Working with mentors will let originators raise their awareness of running a business. Since many of the problems faced by entrepreneurs have already been resolved, it’s enough to apply the proven solutions according to the principle ‚do not reinvent the wheel’. The mentors engaged in the platform are experienced entrepreneurs, business angels, investors and individuals with experience gained while working for startups that introduced innovative products to the market. Mentors have an extensive network of contacts, which means they can help originators find the first customers or business partners.
The range of specialised services
The development of an idea includes the necessary activities aimed at its development so that it can finally evolve into an innovative product in the form of market-verified MVP and preparation of a profitable, scalable and repeatable business model on its basis, thus increasing the chances of market success. The range of specialised services should be tailored according to the needs of the startup and taking into account the idea which is being developed and the prepared business model. The services may include: technical, technological, engineering, IT and design support (development, modification and maintenance of cost-effective solutions to practical problems using scientific and technical knowledge); support in management and entrepreneurship related to the developed idea (market assessment of the product, development of a business model); support in terms of analyses of customer needs (market research, finding and evaluating market opportunities that lead to meeting the needs of specific customers (buyers) and the accurate determination of the needs, development of a product and a strategy for its distribution, preparation of an appropriate pricing and promotion strategy, advertising and product information); support in terms of graphic design, creation of names and trademarks, including brand creation, creation of identification systems and sales support. Services related to the development of the idea are provided on the basis of the Incubation Agreement between the startup platform leader and the originator. The work on the development of the idea will be supervised by startup patrons.
Additional benefits
In addition, startups that qualify to the incubation phase will participate in the acceleration programme called ‚Startup school’. It includes workshop on such issues as business models, idea verification, funding opportunities, product communication, methodologies such as Lean Startup, Customer Development or Design Thinking. The TechnoparkBiznesHub startup platform will provide the best originators with not only basic and specialised services but also a programme of support for those who are just taking their first steps in the world of business. As part of the platform activities we plan to organise networking and animation meetings, workshops, training sessions and much more. We would now like to invite you to participate in business mixers, one to one meetings, barcamps, creative Fridays and startup breakfasts. These events will include relevant talks and workshops with successful entrepreneurs and investors both from Poland and abroad. We would also like to invite you to participate in Startup Weekend in Kielce. These workshops will be held for the first time in Kielce Technology Park, Świętokrzyskie Province, on 18-20 March. Startup Weekend is an annual, international event addressed to open, creative and enterprising people. This 3-day event involves completing the team which will prepare the foundations of a startup, a prototype of a service, tool or website, all in several hours. The goal is to bring together teams consisting of specialists in various fields: programming, marketing and graphics. Concepts will be developed by small groups of enthusiasts under the guidance of mentors. After 2 days of intense work, the ready product solutions are presented to the audience. Finally, the projects developed during Startup Weekend are assessed by the jury, consisting of special guests such as representatives of the world of business, venture capital and Kielce Technology Park.
Kielce Technology Park wants to create perfect conditions for business development and so it has not forgotten to develop a business ecosystem. It is through the collaboration of the Park with local governments, the academic world and business institutions that a unique support system for young people has been established. The Kielce Park offers assistance at every stage of the project, from an idea to market expansion. We work together so as to help those who are able to transform knowledge into new products and services.

The partners who will provide incubation services to startups together with the leader include the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency PLC, Centrum - Podkarpacki Science and Technology Park Aeropolis and the Technology Incubator Ltd from Stalowa Wola. Another partner in the project is Academic Business Incubators, which will be responsible for the promotion of the project in the academic community. The ecosystem also includes universities such as Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Rzeszów University and University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, which will conduct activities aimed at encouraging young people to transform their ideas into businesses. Young entrepreneurs will also take advantage of expertise & support of large companies, i.e. Infover Limited partnership, the leader in the IT sector and VIVE Textile Recycling Ltd, the leader in the market of processing recycled material.

Specific support in the form of mentoring for companies, industry consulting, researching market potential and providing relational capital will be provided by business institutions including FutureHub ICT Cluster Association, whose mission is to build a strong centre for the collaboration of IT / ICT businesses, FundingBox Accelerator Ltd, an online platform offering startups an easy access to public financing, Business Angels Network ProShare Ltd, an elite group of private investors involved in joint investments in risky projects with very high growth potential, the association of entrepreneurs of the aviation industry ’Aviation Valley’, which brings together 150 innovative companies and institutions from the aviation sector, the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Stalowa Wola, which provides entrepreneurs with consulting and training support, The Economic Chamber Health Tourism Society, which brings together entrepreneurs operating in the spa industry and KPT Ltd seed fund, which offers capital, substantial, consulting and business support to projects at an early stage of development. The activities of the startup platform’s ecosystem will also be supported by the local government departments including Kielce, Rzeszów, Stalowa Wola and Kolbusz.
One of the key factors essential to the development of a business is human resources. Therefore the programme’s leader and their partners strive to develop personal competence, which will effectively help put the business on the right track of growth. In terms of competence, our employees and associates provide services on the basis of quality policy, which includes the provision of high quality services in the field of training, consulting, incubation, acceleration, information provision, promoting the idea of entrepreneurship, innovation and business support.

In addition to project management team, who will ensure the efficient organisation of all the project activities and the high quality of services provided by the platform, young entrepreneurs will be supported by experienced startup patrons. Their duties will involve preparation of a detailed programme of startup incubation, provision of all services to the startup depending on the individual needs of the company working on the idea development, evaluation of the progress on the idea development according to the defined checklist and preparation of the final report on the work of the startup. In order to raise the originator’s awareness of conditions of running a business, the young entrepreneurs will also be able to benefit from the experience of mentors and industry experts in running and developing business. They will offer help at every stage of the development of the idea. The work of startup patrons will be coordinated by the platform leader, who will ensure the quality of the incubation services provided by the platform, as well as supervise the preparation and signing of incubation agreements with startups and finally monitor and coordinate the process of recruitment and incubation of ideas. Young people with interesting ideas, willing to participate in the platform, will be sought by a startup hunter working for Academic Business Incubators, who will encourage students to participate in the project throughout Poland.

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